Winter Night In Routine

On those chilly December nights, sometimes I’d much rather stay in and have a cosy night, instead of battling the wind and sleet in a skimpy dress for a night out!

Here is my cosy Winter Night In Routine!

There is no better way to warm up your chilly bones than to have a hot relaxing bath. Lush is my go to for a festive bath. My current favourites are Santasaurus bubble bar and So White bath bomb. I also like burning some of my Yankee Candle tea lights from my advent calendar to give the ultimate festive and relaxing atmosphere!


A hot chocolate is a MUST. Whipped cream and marshmallows are optional as is a tiny bit of Baileys… it’s christmas, you’re allowed!

Ending my evening in some cosy pjs or a festive onesie with some slipper socks, a blanket and of course a christmas film! If I’m in my living room, I like to snuggle up with just the log burner and christmas tree lights on. If I’m in my bedroom I just put some fairy lights on to give a super cosy atmosphere.

What is your perfect cosy night in?!

Marcella x



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