World’s best hot chocolate?! | Angelina, Paris

I have seen other bloggers talking about Angelina, so it was top of my list when we popped to Paris for the day during our holiday to Disneyland Paris. Angelina is famous for their hot chocolate and seeing that it is one of mine and my boyfriend's all time favourite drinks it seemed an absolute MUST! The first … Continue reading World’s best hot chocolate?! | Angelina, Paris


Disneyland Paris | First adventure of 2017

Last week I took my boyfriend to Disneyland Paris for his birthday! We had the most magical time EVER! From the parade, to the rides, to the INSANE light/firework show, this really was a holiday to remember! I booked my hotel and tickets through the Disneyland Paris website. We stayed at Disney's Sequoia Lodge Hotel … Continue reading Disneyland Paris | First adventure of 2017

Lush haircare routine

This winter, I really wasn't liking the way my hair was looking. I decided to have a consultation at Lush (which I highly recommend you go in and do as that way you can find products that are perfect for you) and I now have a whole haircare routine! My hair is looking SO much better and … Continue reading Lush haircare routine


Don’t be so hard on yourself | How to survive January

As the new year begins, we all set ourselves new years resolutions and promises of things we’ll change and improve on in our lives. You have every best intention of setting your alarm at 6am to go the gym and start eating salmon and kale for dinner instead of a Dominos. You plan to have a whole […]