Don’t fall into the social media trap…

I think social media is pretty amazing. It can connect people, it has created countless job opportunities and it allows us to celebrate and enjoy the happiest moments and accomplishments of our loved ones . But in the real world, these highs often come after several weeks or months of lows. Social media only shows a … Continue reading Don’t fall into the social media trap…

10 things to cheer you up if you’re having bad day

1- Aged 27, Meryl Streep was told she was too ugly to act in King Kong. To date, she has been nominated for TWENTY Academy Awards, more than any other actress or actor in history. Haters gonna hate. 2- A glass of Skinny Prosecco has less calories than a banana. If that isn't winning, I don't know … Continue reading 10 things to cheer you up if you’re having bad day

My top 10 tv boxsets you NEED to watch

The age of TV boxsets is on the rise. There are so many fab boxsets with phenomenal story lines, amazing actors and incredibly quirky concepts. Here are my top picks! Your Friday nights in are officially sorted (you're welcome!). 1- Breaking Bad If you haven't watched this already WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING?! Although it originally … Continue reading My top 10 tv boxsets you NEED to watch

Lust | Gorilla Perfume

I recently purchased one of Lush's Gorilla Perfumes : Lust. This fragrance is full of jasmine and vanilla absolute (amongst many other b-e-a-utiful notes) making it just the right level of sweet without being too overpowering. The jasmine makes this perfume very sensual and seductive (hence the very appropriate name, Lust) so I have reaching for this when I've been going … Continue reading Lust | Gorilla Perfume

Dinner at Heddon Street Kitchen

Last weekend, I visited Gordon Ramsay's Heddon Street Kitchen for the second time. I saw an amazing offer in Time Out at the end of 2016 to use in January/February this year, so I thought what better way to beat the gloomy winter nights than with a date night with my boyfriend! This gorgeous restaurant can be found tucked … Continue reading Dinner at Heddon Street Kitchen